Why I love Amazon Prime

I love Amazon Prime, especially with 4 kids!  I love that I can order something and 2 days later it’s at my door!  A few things that I will point out…

Amazon Mom is a free program that you, or any caregiver, can sign up for.  You get 15-20% off diapers and wipes, plus various other discounts.  In addition, you get 3 months of Prime membership free, which gives you free 2-day shipping (no minimum order).   The 2-day shipping applies to all eligible items, not just baby items, which is great.  In the past, you could earn more months of free Prime membership simply by using the service, I’m not sure if that is still the case or not, but even 3 free months is great.  For this reason, I suggest waiting to sign up until you’re ready to buy some things so that you can take full advantage of the 3 free months of Prime.  In addition, if you do a baby registry  on Amazon then you will receive 15% baby registry completion discount.

Once the 3 months is over if you want to continue the Prime membership it will cost $79/year, which may seem a little expensive, but personally I think totally worth it.  There are also some other benefits of Prime, which you can read about on their website.  Plus you actually get 4 logins with your membership, which allows you to share it with your spouse, grandparents, or maybe another caregiver (depending on your situation).

Amazon also has something called Subscribe & Save, which saves you 5-20% off eligible items.  Subscribe & save is a program where you select items that you use regularly and they come to your door once a month (or every 2 months, 3 months, etc., whatever interval you select).  These items can be changed or canceled at any point, there is no commitment or fees and shipping is free (even if you don’t have Prime).  I order everything from disposable diapers, wipes, formula, and kids snacks to paper, dishwasher soap, tooth paste, and laundry detergent.  The best part is that it comes right to your door, saving a trip to Target (which is really a savings in itself because somehow you always end up with a cart full and spending a minimum of $100)!