Organically & Economically

My Best Attempt at Raising Organic Kids Economically

Two of the many goals I have in raising my kids are doing it organically and economically.  Raising them ‘organically’ (a term I use loosely) is very important to me; the word is filled with chemicals and toxins that I believe have to be contributing the the increasing rates of cancer, autism, and other health problems among other things.  This may not be proven, but it doesn’t really matter, either way I’m giving my kids a more natural, clean, organic life, which certainly doesn’t hurt.  Like everything we do as parents, the more we can help our kids avoid bad things, the better!

So what does ‘organic’ mean to me?  In a nutshell it means going back to the basics.  Foods raised without chemicals or added hormones, not genetically modified, no added antibiotics, etc.  Toys made of natural materials like wood.  Household products made without added dyes or fragrances, skipping necessary processes like bleaching using harsh chemicals, etc.  These are things I aim for, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any plastic toys or don’t eat anything non-organic, we do.  I just do my best and shoot for this goal.

The other part of my tagline is parenting economically.  I do have to toot my own horn here because I think that I’m very good at this (finding quality items on a strict budget).  Of course I’ve learned this out of necessity, which always gives you a little push, ok, maybe a big shove to start paying more attention and changing the way you think.  When we moved from Chicago to MA it was a planned decision, one that we decided to do for no other reason then to live the life that we wanted to live as a family.  In doing so, we moved with no guaranteed income as I quit my job and my husband was self-employed, starting a new business.  So we learned how to live very frugally.  We felt that the picture of what we wanted our life to look like was more important then money, so you make it happen…and that’s what we’re doing.  For us, our family is our priority.

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