Thoughts From My Run…Thankful

So this morning I went out on a run and it was just beautiful, albeit cold (about 30 degrees), but beautiful! And it just reminded me of how blessed I am! I’m blessed in so many ways, but today I’m referring to the fact that I’m able to enjoy a peaceful run outside in such an amazing setting, for which I’m so thankful. I love seeing the white caps in the ocean as I run down a hill and the views of Boston so clear today and just the tranquility in the space that surrounds me. It’s so refreshing to have my daily (well, regular) runs, especially at this point in my life, which is otherwise full of lots of chaos with 4 kids under 6 (not bad, just lots of action)!

There is one house that I pass on this route and that I absolutely love. It’s not the biggest or the grandest house in the neighborhood, but I love the architecture…and the ocean views aren’t bad either 😉


As I admire this house I have a few thoughts on different spectrums. The first is something that I have struggled with since I began going to Community Bible Study about 4 years ago. I am not someone who ever studied the Bible and did not go to church on a regular basis (we were a part of the crowd that only showed up on Christmas Eve). But I have really enjoyed going to Bible Study and I try to take the stories and apply them to my life in order to be a better person. That being said, I have a long way to go, BUT I’m working on it.

So the point that I have struggled with over these last 4 years is that The Bible tells us that we should not idolize people or materialistic things (ok, makes sense)…but where is the line? Is it ok to want nice things and is it then ok to have nice things?  So I don’t know the answer to this, but my current thought is that it’s ok to want and have nice things as long as they are not what define you and why you do things. You need to do good things and be a good person first…regardless of what things it does, or does not, get you. If along the way you happen to have nice things that’s ok (I think?) as long as you don’t have those things on a pedestal.

So back to this house that I love…yes, I know…that statement totally contradicts what I just said (I told you, I’m a work in progress). Bare with me for a minute. It’s not that I want this house, sure this house is absolutely gorgeous, but what I love about this house is what I think it represents. I want a home that is family centered, where my kids can grow up with that calmness and feeling that I had this morning on my run, the tranquility of the water surrounding them is bonus. A life of financial freedom where money isn’t just used to buy things, but allows you the freedom to do what you want; whether that’s spending more time with your kids and husband, giving back to your community, doing mission work, or just spending time gardening and creating a warm home.

Most people think that a “house” or life like this is totally unattainable. And in their current situations, they might be right. But what I love about life is that you have the ability to change and create a life that you want. Now, most people won’t, they will continue on their current trajectory, but for those willing to take a chance and be open to trying something they have never done, it may just be possible! For those already on an awesome path, keep it up! For me, I have no idea if we’ll ever live in an actual house like this, but what I love it that with taking a risk and pushing myself to grow outside of my natural comfort zone, the life we want is possible. For two reasons: personal growth and financial growth. It’s amazing to me, but my little side gig business is allowing me to grow more than I ever thought on both accounts and in the process helping people to improve their own lives. I love that what I do could really help someone improve their life; whether they are looking for personal growth or financial growth or both. So it may take a little time, it’s not going to happen overnight…but what in life that is worth having happens overnight and without effort?!! So most people won’t take the risk, but I’m choosing to jump in and go after my dreams! I challenge you to dare to dream for the life YOU want and then to go after it!