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When buying infant/toddler PJs there are a few questions that come up about flame resistance and whether to buy footed or not.  Here are my thoughts on the topics.


Legally all children’s PJs must be flame resistant for up to 50 washes unless specifically stated that they are not flame resistant.  If they are not flame resistant then they will have a something written on the inside tag saying ‘wear snug fitting not flame resistant’ and, if new, will also have a long yellow tag attached to the price tag saying the same thing.  Personally, I look for PJs that are specifically NOT flame resistant because flame resistance equate to added chemical.  Chemicals that I don’t want my kids breathing in, especially while they are sleeping.  Kids (depending on their age) sleep most, or a lot, of the day and I don’t want my kids breathing in unnecessary chemicals that whole time.  If you are on a budget, or just really want those cozy fleece PJs in the winter, then look for 2nd hand PJs at consignment shops/sales or on ebay.  The reason is because if you get used PJs some of the chemicals may have worn off even if they started out as flame resistant.


As a general rule I prefer non-footed PJs because they last longer (size wise) and if it’s cold we just put socks on.  There is one time that I feel differently…if you have a winter baby you may want footed PJs simply because socks don’t stay on newborn feet very well (then you can move to non-footed once the baby is 6 months or summer comes and it’s warmer).


For non-footed and also without flame resistant chemicals I love Hanna Andersson PJs!  They are great quality, but expensive so look for them 2nd hand.  For footed The Children’s Place and Gap have footed without flame resistant chemicals (they are the ones that look long and skinny).  Carter’s also does, but I think for the same price The Children’s Place is slightly better quality.


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