Quiet Time Activity Bins

Once my daughter stopped napping I had to come up with something to keep her occupied so that she was quiet while my other kids napped and also so that I could have a few precious moments of quiet during the day.  I had seen the concept of ‘quiet time activity bins‘ online and thought it was a great idea!



Create 3 to 5 bins of various activities that your child will enjoy, each bin being different.  Then, during the time that your son/daughter used to nap, give them the activity bin to play with by themselves.  The bins are ONLY used during quiet time and they only see each bin 1-2 times a week…allowing them not to get bored with the items in each bin (of course you will have to change them up a little periodically).  I generally have my daughter read books for a little while before getting out her activity bins…this promotes reading and also stretches the time.  They are also responsible for putting everything back in the bin when they are done.  Final note, although most items are small the cost adds up quickly, so I suggest hitting some tag sales, consignment sales, etc.

Click here for examples of what to put in the bins!