How to ditch the diaper bag!

Diaper bag 1

When our first was born, like most new parents, we didn’t leave the house without a stocked diaper bag.  Similar to college, how you can always spot freshmen because they travel in packs…you can always spot new parents by the size of their diaper bag!  We’ve all been there!  But after countless outings of carrying extra stuff, that I never used, I figured there had to be a way to streamline this whole massive diaper bag thing.  So this is what I came up with.

The only real essentials are diapers, wipes, maybe an extra onesie, and a bottle (if you’re bottle feeding).  Everything else I leave in the diaper bag in the trunk of my car.  So after searching everywhere for the perfect bag to fit only the essentials, I found the Eagle Creek Quarter Cube, and it’s perfect!  Although not as pretty as I wanted, the practicality wins on this one.  They come in a bunch of different colors (the link here will bring you to Amazon, but you can also find them at REI, EMS, etc.).  The reason this particular bag works so well is that it’s the perfect size to fit diapers and wipes, but also stash a few extra items that you may need.  And it’s compact…toss it in your purse, gym bag, airport carry-on, whatever.  If you’re out and your husband changes the baby just hand him this small bag as opposed to a huge diaper bag (he will thank you)!

Diaper bag 3

Ok, so here is what I put in mine, in this order (keep in mind we have 4 kids under 4.5, so the normal person may not need 57 different sized diapers/undies):

Travel wipes

Extra diapers (2 for a newborn, 1-2 for each older child)

Extra onesie (you can fit a full extra outfit in here if you need to)

Extra undies (1 each for older child)

Small trash bag (for dirty diapers)

Obviously you can modify this for whatever you need, it’s really amazing how much you can fit into this little bag.  As for the bottle, I put it right in the carseat with the baby, it fits perfectly right on the side of the baby under their arm.  When you have more then one kid I’ve also found it necessary to have a purse that can go across your chest, so that you can use both hands.

So, with that, toss your little Eagle Creek bag into your purse and say “sayonara diaper bag!!”