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Hand Soap (and so much more)Dr. Bronner's Magic SoapsThis is pure castile soap made with organic oils. I use the unscented baby-mild in the kitchen for hand soap (scented variety in bathroom) and to wash bottles. For hand soap I put it in a foam dispenser. Note: this is concentrated so mix with water.Buy now on Amazon
Surface CleanerCharlie's Soap - Indoor/Outdoor CleanerAwesome cleaner for just about anything!!Buy now on Amazon
Surface Cleaner - Refill (concentrated formula)Charlie's Soap - Indoor/Outdoor Cleaner (gallon concentratedThis concentrated formula lasts forever. All you do is combine with water when you refill your spray bottle. So economical!Buy now on Amazon
Dish SoapEcoverGreat product, the lemon is a nice smell without being too strong.Buy now on Amazon
Dishwasher SoapSeventh Generation (free & clear)Does not leave a residue.Buy now on Amazon
Stainless Steel Cleaner & PolisherBar Keepers FriendThis is awesome on pots and pans.Buy now on Amazon
Powder Cleaner/ScrubBon AmiNatural powder cleaner (like comet) - no chlorine, perfume, or dyesBuy now on Amazon
(buy at Target, it's <$1)
Laundry DetergantCharlie's Soap - Laundry Detergent (powder or liquid)Both the powder and liquid are great. You can wash your clothes without all of the chemical additives of regular detergents.Powder:
Buy now on Amazon

Buy now on Amazon
Laundry Pre-SprayCharlie's Soap - Laundry Pre-SprayThis may seem expensive, but it's actually the same formula as the indoor/outdoor cleaner, so you can refill your bottle with the concentrated formula (listed above) - ratio is 50/50 (formula/water) for the pre-sprayBuy now on Amazon
Toliet Bowl CleanerSeventh GenerationWorks well, not much to sayBuy now on Amazon
(cheaper at Target)

Some brands I love, if you’re interested in reading more about them:

1. Charlie’s Soap – great natural cleaner and I love that they sell the concentrated formula, which makes it so economical.  Click here to read more about the company Charlie’s Soap.

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