Quiet Time Activity Bins


Create 3 to 5 bins of various activities that your child will enjoy, each bin being different.  Then, during the time that your son/daughter used to nap, give them the activity bin to play with by themselves.  The bins are ONLY used during quiet time and they only see each bin 1-2 times a week…allowing them not to get bored with the items in each bin (of course you will have to change them up a little periodically).  I generally have my daughter read books for a little while before getting out her activity bins…this promotes reading and also stretches the time.  They are also responsible for putting everything back in the bin when they are done.  Final note, although most items are small the cost adds up quickly, so I suggest hitting some tag sales, consignment sales, etc.

Here are some examples of what are in our bins:

ImageItemBuy OnlineComments
Lakeshore Learning StencilsBuy now on Lakeshore LearningThese are a little expensive but huge box of stencils that range from simple for the beginner to a little harder for more advanced kids - so box grows with child
Lakeshore Learning Rubbing PlatesBuy now on Lakeshore LearningThese are raised pictures that you rub with a crayon. There are a variety of different brands, I just like that these are big and basic for younger kids
Lakeshore Learning Rubbing CrayonsBuy now on Lakeshore Learning
Tegu BlocksBuy now on AmazonThese are great, kind of expensive so I suggest only getting a pocket pouch first to see if your child likes them
Mr. Potato HeadBuy now on Amazon
Crayola Color Wonder Pads (with markers)Buy now on Amazon
There are coloring books and blank paper, both are great.
Dry Erase Board (with washable markers or crayons)Buy now on Amazon
Target sometimes has these in the $1 bins.
Scissors (various designs)Buy now on Amazon
Cutting with scissors that are zig-zag or curvy add to the excitement
Construction PaperBuy now on Amazon
Drawing Paper/PadBuy now on Amazon
Any cheap paper is fine, I actually prefer loose leaf or something that you can easily rip out of a pad b/c it's easier for them to use with stencils or the rubbing plates
Crayola Washable MarkersBuy now on Amazon
Everything in our bins are washable
Melissa & Doug Lacing CardsBuy now on Amazon
Stamps (with washable ink)Buy now on Amazon
Magnetic Dress UpBuy now on Amazon
You can find cheaper versions of this in some department stores.
Pipe CleanersBuy now on Amazon
ConnectagonsBuy now on Amazon