Convertible Crib vs. Standard

crib - convertible

When you begin looking into buying a crib the first question you will likely come across is whether or not you want a convertible crib.  A convertible crib is just a normal crib while your little one is an infant, but later it will convert into a toddler bed (and then later to a full size bed).  For some people they are a great option, especially if you only plan to have one child.  They are all the rage and that’s great if you are into them.  Personally, I’m not and here’s why:

1. Many times the conversion kit will cost an additional $100+

2. If you plan to have more then one child then I think it just makes sense to use the same crib for all of them and upgrade the other children to age appropriate beds as they need them.

3. Toddler beds are not expensive at all (or I should say, don’t have to be), I got 2 matching toddler beds on craigslist for $25 each and they look great (Pottery Barn like).

4. As your child gets bigger you will likely want to pick out a bedroom set with them that you both like, and again, is age appropriate.

5. When you are finally done with your crib, toddler bed (or whatever stage bed) you can sell it on Craigslist and probably make back most of the money you paid for it in the first place.

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