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Car SeatChicco KeyFit 301This is the infant (bucket) car seat used for about the first year. Chicco got great reviews on Consumer Reports. 1 base will come with the seat (see next item for description)Buy now on Amazon
Extra Car Seat BaseChicco KeyFit 30 - extra base0-1The car seat base is secured in your car (using a seat belt or the latch system), then you quickly snap the car seat in/out of the base. You only need an extra base if you have more then 1 car, this is not a necessity.ConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Bundle MeJJ Cole Bundle Me
(infant size & original/urban)
1Only needed if baby is born in the winter; this is basically a blanket that fits right into your car seat. It's great because you don't have to bundle the baby as much when taking them out; I suggest a neutral color if you are planning to have more kids; I also suggest getting the original (or urban) one, not the 'lite'ConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Car Seat CanopyBrica1These are great, they keep out the sun, rain, snow...but they also keep out every strangers hand who feels the need to touch your newborn (this may be fine, but esp if it's flu season this can protect your little one from unnecessary germs). It's elastic around bottom for universal fitBuy now on Amazon
Car Sun ShadeBrica
Safety 1st
2If you have tinted windows you can probably skip - I've tried numerous brands and don't love any, so I don't think it matters all that much, they all seem to work okTJ Maxx / MarshallsBuy now on Amazon
StrollerBOB Revolution

Citi Mini
1This is something that will really depend on your lifestyle. Here are 2 great strollers (of many):
- BOB - we LOVE this stroller (now have the single and double) by far the best running stroller out there and even if you don't run, they are the easiest to push and smoothest ride - but, they are bulky so if you plan to put it in/out of a car or up/down stairs then may not be the best option
- City Mini - great stroller if you want more compact and the BOB is not for you (I don't own this one, but know a lot of people who do and love it)
(if buying BOB used you can save a ton of money, just make sure the front wheel swivels)
BOB Revolution:
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Citi Mini:
Buy now on Amazon
Stroller AccessoriesHandlebar Console

Car Seat Adapter
0-1Obviously this will depend on the stroller you buy, but there are a bunch of accessories available depending on your needsConsignment
(if you buy a used stroller then some accessories may come with it)
Buy now on Amazon
Snap 'n Go StrollerBaby Trend0-1This is just the stroller frame and you click in your car seat, great to just leave in the car so don't have to always bring big stroller, its very light and convenientConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Pack 'n PlayGraco1This is what you will bring with you if you travel (sort of a traveling crib). Some people use them as a play area when baby gets a little bigger. Personally we never used the changing area, so I would buy the basic version, but depends on how you plan to use itConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Pack 'n Play SheetAmerican Baby Co Organic Sheet1Look for 'pack n play' or 'play yard' fitted sheetBuy now on Amazon
Pack 'n Play Mattress ProtectorNaturepedic1Most people don't use these, but if your baby spits up or leaks through diaper then it will be on the pack 'n play mattress, which can only be wiped down. So I suggest this to avoid ruining the mattress - as far as brand, I prefer Naturepedic, but it is twice the priceBuy now on Amazon
Baby CarrierERGObaby (with infant insert)

1There are many varieties: front carriers, slings, wraps, etc. and this is another one that really depends on your preferences. I've tried various slings and the Moby wrap, and while they didn't work for me some people love them. The 2 that worked for me:
- Ergo - this is front/back pack; ergo is more ergonomically correct and much better for your back; but when worn as a front carrier the baby can only face in (towards you), you'll want to get the infant insert as well - I LOVE the Ergo!
- babybojn - baby can face in or out, but a front carrier only; it's easy to put on by yourself; a great option, but as the baby gets bigger it always hurt my back, so if you get one definitely get one with lumbar support
ConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Diaper BagPetunia Pickle Bottom

Vera Bradley
1There are a ton of great bags, and this is more of a fashion statement for you personally so it's difficult to recommend one. The 2 I've listed are definitely pricey, but look for used ones that are in 'like new' condition if you want to save moneyConsignmentPetunia Pickle Bottom:
Buy now on Amazon

Vera Bradley:
Buy now on Amazon
Diaper & Wipes HolderEagle Creek Quarter Cube1This is the perfect size to fit (startig from the bottom): extra onesie and thin pants, a few diapers, and travel wipes. This is great when you don't want to take your whole diaper bag somewhere, you can just throw this in your purse/bag and your done. I tried tons of actual baby specific versions, but this by far fits the most while also being compact.Buy now on Amazon
Travel WipesEarth's Best1Smaller pack of wipes for the diaper bag - these should only be about $3, so online is not the best place to buy them (just go to any baby store)Whole Foods
Babies R Us (or any baby store)
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1. Neutral Colors – I suggest going with neutral colors if you plan to have more kids so that you can reuse all of the big items, regardless of gender.


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