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Infant TubThe First Years
Fisher Price
1Most of these are about the same, I wouldn't be too picky and you can definitely find 2nd handConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Hooded TowelUnder the Nile1Under the Nile is great quality, soft, and last a long timeBuy now on Amazon
WashclothsSatsuma Designs5Satsuma are soft, organic, and last a really long time - great quality, worth the price - the cheap ones tend to roll up, but if you get some cheap ones as gifts keep for washing up kids after meals (so you can throw them out after a little while)Buy now on Amazon
Shampoo & Body WashCalifornia Baby1We use California Baby and love it, I recommend buying the larger bottle with the pump (its more expensive but lasts forever and the pump makes it much easier)Buy now on Amazon
SunscreenBadger Baby Sunscreen, SPF 300-1You don't need immediately, but eventually you will - waterproof sunscreen is currently being scrutinized as a suspected carcinogen (nothing has been proven I don't think, but maybe just avoid using waterproof unless the baby is actually in water); other ingredients in regular sunscreen are being researched as well; this brand got good ratings on the cosmetics databaseBuy now on Amazon
First Aid Kit1Make our own b/c can get higher quality and exactly what you's what I bought:
- safety scissors (find in nail/cosmetics area) - $10
- baby specific nail clippers & file - $2
- Tylenol (infant) - $6
- Bacitracin - $2
*you don't need the following items:
- medicine cups/syringe b/c they come with all children's medicine
- nasal aspirator b/c you will get from hospital
- hair brush/comb b/c you will get from hospital (plus baby may not have hair)
Thermometer (rectal)Vick's
Safety 1st
1Rectal thermometers are considered the most accurate for newborns; you should not use ear thermometer on newborns (ear drums are too small until at least 3 months) after which ear thermometers' accuracy depends on ability of infared beam emmitted by the device to reach eardrum (so may not be as reliable b/c of earwax or small curved ear canal)Buy now on Babies R Us
Laundry DetergentCharlie's Soap1You will want to get some baby laundry detergent b/c it is fragrance-free and has fewer ingredients that may irritate the baby's skin; some people say this doesn't get clothes as clean though; it is ok to use regular detergent as long as it doesn't cause any redness or irritations for your baby so if you use regular just monitor baby - Charlie's Soap is awesome b/c it doesn't have any harsh chemicals (I use powder b/c it's less expensive and works just as well and I use for whole family not just kids)Amazon (subscribe & save program)Buy now on Amazon
Mesh Laundry Bag - Small1Used for baby socks, etc. so they don't get lost in the wash - any generic mesh bag is fineBuy now on Amazon
Diaper PailBaby Trend Diaper Champ (disposable diapers)
Sterilite Touch Top Can (cloth diapers)
1-2We have 2 - one for cloth, one for disposable; for disposable I don't think anything totally gets rid of smell (baby poops don't really smell too bad, but older kids do)...probably the best for smell is the Diaper Genie but I didn't like how it puts plastic around each diaper making harder to biodegrade and also extra cost b/c I think you have to buy their special bags, BUT it is probably best for smellTarget
(for regular cheap Sterilite)
Buy now on Amazon
Diaper Rash OintmentButt Paste (all natural)1Ideally you are looking for something petroleum free, but honestly Butt Paste works so much better then some of the more natural versions I've tried, so that's what we use - avoid using with cloth diapers b/c it's hard to wash out (I just use disposables when my kids have diaper rash), but if you only use cloth diapers try Angel Baby Bottom Balm, it gets good review but I've never tried itBuy now on Amazon
WipesEarth's Best12I like Earth's Best over Seventh Generation (I think they are softer); Whole Foods 365 brand is also good (equal to Earth's Best) - definitely just buy a case you will need themAmazon (subscribe & save)Buy now on Amazon
Disposable DiapersEarth's Best
(1 case Newborn & 1 case size 1)
2 casesNewborns go through about 10-12 diapers a day so buy a case - we were in newborn size for about a month so don't over buy this size - if you can financially then try to get eco-friendly ones (like Earth's Best, which again I like over 7th generation) for reasons listed in my blog (link above)
If going with cloth diapers, I suggest still getting some disposables (for night or when traveling), plus we use disposables until the umbilical cord falls off (about 10 days)
Amazon (subscribe & save)Buy now on Amazon
Cloth Diapers - All in OneImse Vimse - all in one cloth diaper (small)0-6See blog posts:
To Cloth Diaper or Not?
Cloth Diapering 101
Consignment (I know this sounds gross, but so many people buy and then end up not cloth diapering so may be able to get new)Buy now on Imse Vimse
Cloth Diapers - PrefoldsBummis - organic prefolds (small)0-12See blog posts:
To Cloth Diaper or Not?
Cloth Diapering 101
Consignment (same note as above)Buy now on Amazon
Cloth Diaper CoversThirsties - diaper covers (size 1)0-8See blog posts:
To Cloth Diaper or Not?
Cloth Diapering 101
Consignment (same note as above)Buy now on Amazon
Cloth Diaper FastenersSnappi0-5See blog posts:
To Cloth Diaper or Not?
Cloth Diapering 101
Buy now on Amazon
Cloth Diaper LinersImse Vimse1 packSee blog posts:
To Cloth Diaper or Not?
Cloth Diapering 101
Buy now on Imse Vimse


1. Petroleum-Free Products:  For any creams or lotions that you put on your skin you want to avoid creams made from petroleum based ingredients, such as mineral oil, because products produced from petroleum are classified as petrochemical pollutants, which can damage your immune and hormonal systems.  It coats the skin like plastic wrap which doesn’t allow your skin to breathe or rid itself of toxins, your skin must absorb natural moisture from the air to stave off infections and bacteria, not allowing this process can damage DNA, result in premature aging, skin disorders, or even cancer (research is still being done on the effects and cosmetic industry is not heavily regulated so don’t assume that just because it is sold in a store that it’s really safe for your skin).

2. Fragrance-Free: Always look for products that are ‘fragrance-free’ when possible since fragrance is just unnecessary chemicals added to a product to change the smell.  Note, this is different from ‘unscented’, which can mean that a company puts fragrances in to make the product smell neutral.

3. Chlorine-Free: (diapers/wipes) – Look for diapers and wipes that are 100% chlorine-free because others contain dioxin, which is a toxic product of paper bleaching process.  It is carcinogenic and listed by the EPA as most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals.

4. Cosmetics Database:  This is a database created by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that rates thousands of products on their safety for your skin and body.  I use this before purchasing any shampoos, lotions, creams, etc.


– Baby Powder – It’s simply unnecessary and I have read that baby powder can actually contribute to a rash.  We have never used it on any of our 3 kids and none of them ever had much diaper rash.  However, if you do decide to get powder, get ‘talc-free’ (like Avalon Organics) because talc is closely related to the carcinogen asbestos and found to cause tumors in the ovaries and lungs; it remains non-regulated by federal government.  Children can become seriously ill from accidental inhalation.

– Baby Lotion – We got lotion (California Baby Fragrance Free Lotion) before our first, but didn’t really use it, I don’t think they need extra lotion (unless your doctor recommends it).  If you do decide to get some, then avoid creams made from petroleum based ingredients (reasons above).

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