The furniture on this list is hard to recommend as it is largely based on your personal style and budget so these are just a few of many options.  If you are tight on budget then just get the basics, ask yourself if you already have something that can function as the recommended item (if so, no need to buy something new).

ImageItemBrandQntyCommentsBuy at DiscountBuy Online
CribStokke Sleepi (oval)

Bonavita - Hudson

IKEA - Gulliver
1See Blog Post:
Convertible Crib vs. Standard

The crib you select will largely depend on your personal style, the 3 I've suggested are very different but all great. The Stokke is great if you have a small space since it's oval (it also converts to a toddler bed simply by removing a rail, which takes maybe 5 minutes). The Bonavita is more of a classic design, it has a drawer underneath with is great for storing sheets, blankets, etc. And the IKEA has gotten great review, modern design for a reasonable price.
(but check that meets current safety standards)
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Buy now on Amazon

Buy now on IKEA
Mattress (organic)Naturepedic - No Compromise Organic Crib Mattress, Classic 1501See Blog Post:
Organic Mattress – Worth the Money?

As for which brand organic, I really like Naturepedic and we now have 4 of these mattresses (2 new and 2 bought on Craigslist/FB Yardsale for about 1/3 the original cost)
(with our first I wasn't sure about this, but honestly most people spending this kind of money on a mattress - I'm making a big judgement here - probably take pretty good care of their things
Standard Crib:
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Stokke Oval Crib:
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Mattress Protector (waterproof)Naturepedic Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad2This is just a barrier between any spit-up or leaky diapers and the mattress. I have one of the good organic ones listed here and then a back up non-organic cheap oneConsignment
(although I have never found one this way)
Standard Crib:
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Fitted SheetsUnder the Nile Organic2-4As a newborn they will only need a bottom fitted crib sheet (no top sheet). This brand is organic, super soft, and great quality.Buy now on Amazon
Crib Skirt (& Bumper)Land of Nod
Pottery Barn
0-1I definitely suggest gender neutral colors if you decide to buy so they can be re-used for future children - also organic isn't much of a factor as far as health so don't let that constrain you here. Both are purely decorative, bumpers are no longer recommended for babies (so if you buy then remove way before baby can move). I don't suggest spending a lot on them, definitely try consignment.Consignment (easy to find adorable sets and great brands)Buy now on Land of Nod
Swaddle / Receiving BlanketsSwaddle Designs (organic)

Satsuma Designs Bamboo Jersey Swaddle
4Swaddling is basically rolling the baby up like a burrito (keeps them warm, tightness gives them comfort, etc.). Take a few blankets from the hospital (work great; perfect weight and size for newborn); the Satsuma bamboo blanket that I listed is so soft and we love it; we also have the Swaddle Designs (its too big to swaddle newborn, but great after about 2-3 months, plus great for stroller)
*Miracle Blankets (and others similar) - we didn't use them, but some people love them so you might want to check into them
*Woombie - some people love these, we got one but it freaked my husband out b/c it looks a little straightjacket-ish
Swaddle Designs:
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Buy now on Satsuma
Changing Table / DresserLand of Nod
Pottery Barn
0-1I suggest buying a dresser (or changing table/dresser combo); it saves on space (and money). Note that the changing pad will move around a lot unless you have a specifically fitted area for it, so if you just put it on top of a regular dresser (this is what we did and totally fine) then I suggest some of the rubbery stuff that goes in kitchen drawers so that it doesn't slide around as much for safety and scuffs on dresser. The brands mentioned are very expensive, I just like the style, but would never pay full price so look for them on craigslist/FB.ConsignmentBuy now on Land of Nod
Changing PadLA Baby Organic

Naturepedic Organic
1Of the 2 brands listed LA Baby is much less expensive so that's what I suggest here (quality isn't as big of a concern here since the baby is only spending a few minutes on it at a time - unlike a crib mattress). But, I definitely think that Naturepedic is the better quality and brand product.LA Baby:
Buy now on Amazon

Buy now on Amazon
Changing Pad CoverAmerican Baby Co. Organic Velour2These are soft, inexpensive, and wear well after many washes (it's basic and works great).Buy now on Amazon
Glider/Rocking Chair (with Ottoman)1You don't necessarily need a glider/rocking chair, but you will want some sort of chair to sit in to feed the baby (esp in the middle of the night). Definitely check consignment (craigslist, FB) for these - tons out there in new or like new condition.ConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Mobile (for crib)0-1Don't spend a lot of money on this because your baby may not even pay attention to it. Definite consignment item , tons out there in great condition.ConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Baby Monitor0-1There are various types of monitors (audio, video, movement). First, if you have a small house/apt then you don't need this (you will hear the baby without it).

Audio - these are the basic monitors that pick up sounds in the baby's room

Video - these allow you to see and hear the baby, but they are expensive and you don't really need to see every single move - if you are interested in these though then before you buy, check out various apps available on the iPad/phone as it would save you a bunch of money

Movement monitors - have a sensor pad that you place under the crib mattress and it senses the baby's movement - if the baby does not move (sensitive enough to feel breathing) for 20 seconds then an alarm will sound; also works as normal audio monitor to hear the baby's sounds (if you are interested in this check out Graco Angelcare Deluxe Movement Monitor); pediatricians tend to think this is overkill
ConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Night Light1This is just for changing the baby in the middle of the night, you want something dim (just bright enough so you can see what you're doing). Any brand soft night light is fine.Buy now on Amazon
HumidifierCrane1If you already have one then just use that (but make sure the filter is clean). We honestly have a regular Holmes one that works great. But if I was buying a new one then I would check out Crane, which is a little more stylish.Buy now on Amazon
Hangers10-20Any brand velvet hangers are great and much skinnier then their plastic counterparts so take up much less space.Buy now on Amazon


1. Don’t Overspend – just remember that your baby doesn’t know if something doesn’t match or that you have the perfect nursery set up, so don’t stress too much about it or spend more then you can afford trying to make it perfect.


1. Crib Bumper – crib bumpers are no longer recommended so it’s one less thing to buy!

2. Comforter – you can hold off on buying a matching comforter for your baby because it is recommended that you don’t have anything (including blankets, aside from swaddling) in the crib until they are around a year old.  So hold off for now and pick out something nice later, otherwise you will just be storing it for a year.

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