For Mom (postpartum)


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Nursing Shawl (hooter hider)Bebe Au Lait1This brand is great because it has an opening for you to see the babyConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Nursing BrasBravado
4Personally, I like the more sports bra looking bras (seamless and comfortable), but obviously this is a personal decision. Note that it is NOT recommended to wear bras with underwire support while nursing.Buy now on Amazon
Nursing Pads - disposableLansinoh1 boxOnce your milk comes in you will leak sometimes when your boobs are full, these are pads so your bra/shirt don't get wet. They sell both disposable and reusable cloth ones...I use both, around the house cloth and disposable when I go out. You may leak through the cloth, that's why I wear the disposable out. Buy now on Amazon
Lanolin (breast cream)Lansinoh1Your nipples may be sore from breastfeeding, so this cream will help and is not harmful to the baby.Buy now on Amazon
Glycerin Gel PadsNUK Warm or Cool Relief Packs1-2 packsOnce your milk comes in you may have some discomfort (or for it, down right pain) for a few days until your supply regulates itself...I found that these helped a lot, I have 2 packs (4 total) so that I would always have a set that were cold in the freezer. TargetBuy now on Amazon
Prenatal Vitamins300+You will still take prenatal vitamins while you are breastfeeding.Buy now on Amazon
Maxi Pads - variety of sizes4 (1 super, 1 regular, 2 pantiliners)You will be bleeding for a few weeks. Take a few of the monster pads from the hospital to have in case you need them. I generally get at least one pack of each super/overnight (long) with wings, regular with wings, and pantiliners.Buy now on Amazon
Stool SoftenerColace (100 mg tablets)1 small bottle (10 is probably enough)You may or may not need this, you will just want your stool to be softer for a few days after delivery so there is no extra pressure down there.Generic brand is fineBuy now on Amazon
Thank You Cards50Everyone is so generous before and after you have the baby so don't forget to keep a list of gifts that you received and/or meals that people brought.Buy now on Amazon

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