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Breast PumpMedela Swing (single)

Medela Pump in Style Advanced (double)
1Decision here will be largely based on your lifestyle: if you plan to go back to work you will need a double pump, but if you are staying home with your baby then a single (or double) would work. The benefit of the double is you can pump a lot quicker and comes with insulated storage areas built into the bag (necessary for working moms), but it is bulky and has to be plugged in. The benefit of the single is that it's about HALF the cost of the double, a LOT smaller, and can work plugged in or battery operated, plus you have one hand free to do something else. Medela is awesome
*some insurance companies will cover the cost of a pump (worth calling)
It is NOT recommended to buy used as milk can get into the pump, so you should buy newBuy now on Amazon
Nursing PillowBoppy Bare Naked Pillow1-2This is a pillow that you put around your waist and the baby lays on it while breast feeding (doesn't seem like it would work when you envision it, but it does). Only reason you would want 2 is maybe to leave one upstairs and one downstairs (otherwise not necessary to have 2)ConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Nursing Pillow CoverBoppy Slipcover1-2Covers for the boppy, huge variety, they do have one that is organic but a little expensiveConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Storage Bottles (for breastmilk)Evenflo Glass Bottles (4 oz)12Glass is best - Evenflo are inexpensive and fit directly onto Medela breast pumps so very convenient, also reusable. A lot of people use storage bags (like ziplock bags but sterilized). The bags take up less room in the freezer but have a tendency to leak, are obviously made of plastic, and not reusableTarget
(cheaper then Amazon)
Buy now on Amazon
Burp ClothsUnder the Nile8These are soft, organic, and durable so I love them. There are prettier ones, but these are a good valueBuy now on Amazon
BibsAden + Anais2-4I would not buy these because you will probably get as gifts, but these are just the small bibs that are good to keep an outfit dry from drool (bibs for eating come later)Buy now on Amazon
Bottles (5 oz)Born Free Glass Bottles3-6See blog post:
How many you need depends on if you are breast or bottle feeding and also how often you want to wash them.
TJ Maxx / MarshallsBuy now on Amazon
Bottles (9 oz)Born Free Glass Bottles0-3See blog post:
You won't need the bigger bottles right away so you can wait to buy. The silicone sleeves aren't necessary
TJ Maxx / MarshallsBuy now on Amazon
Nipples - stage 2 & 3Born Free0-3Nipples come stages 1, 2, and 3...stage 1 has 1 hole so the milk comes out slow for newborns, stage 2 with 2 holes has a faster flow for 3-6 month olds, and stage 3 with 3 holes for older babies. You will need these, but not right awayBuy now on Amazon
Bottle HandlesBorn Free0-1Not necessary, but can help the baby hold the bottle (around 6 months).Buy now on Amazon
Bottle BrushMunchkin1I've tried various brushes and this one works well and inexpensiveTJ Maxx / MarshallsBuy now on Amazon
Nipple BrushBaby Simba1There is a nipple brush attached to the bottle brush, but these work SO much betterBuy now on Amazon
Bottle Drying RackBoon Grass Drying Rack1This is a great drying rack b/c it fits any size bottle (or other kid items), plus it looks good in your kitchenBuy now on Amazon
Drying Rack AccessoryBoon Grass Drying Rack Accessory0-1Not necessary, just kind of fun place to hold nipples, etc. (other kinds available, not just flowers)Buy now on Amazon
PacifiersBorn Free Pacifiers4Many brands are BPA-free, but can't tell if they are also PVC and phthalate free (shown to cause problems in the reproductive systems); Born Free are the only ones that at least used to state on the package that they were free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates (with the new design, I can't tell so still doing research)Buy now on Amazon
Pacifier Grip AttacherBooginhead PaciGrip 2This is a string that attaches the pacifier to your baby's shirt so they don't lose itBuy now on Amazon
Vitamin D SupplementCarlson Baby Vitamin D Drops (365 drops/ bottle - give 1 drop a day)1This is given daily; vitamin D can strengthen immune system and prevent diseases like diabetes and cancer; people generally get vitamin D from sunlight and/or milk, but babies should not drink cow's milk until they are 12 months and should have little exposure to the sun, so may not get needed amounts in 1st yearBuy now on Amazon


1. Breast Feeding Class – if you plan to breast feed then it’s worth taking a class and/or reading a little about it prior to your baby’s arrival.  Some people have trouble getting started; as a mom it’s not something you are born knowing how to do even though it seems like it should be so easy and natural, so it’s good to just be aware of what to do, how to do it, etc.


– Bottle Sanitizer – you can simply boil them to sanitize, but if you do decide to get one then go with the same brand as your bottles

– Bottle Warmer – warming the bottle in a small pan on hot water is just as easy (it is NOT recommended to microwave)

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