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Baby SwingFisher-Price0-1If you had to choose between the swing and the papasan seat listed below I would choose the papasan because it can be moved around the house and it takes up much less room. Definitely look online, you can easily find ones that are new or like new on Craigslist or FB.ConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Bouncy (Papasan) SeatFisher-Price1The great thing about these are that you can move them around the house as needed (for example, if you want to shower you can put the baby right in the bathroom with you). I definitely suggest looking for one on Craigslist or FB because the whole seat can be removed and washed.ConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Activity Gym/MatInfantino0-1You won't need until about 3 months, but also a good registry item. The baby lays on the mat and plays with the toys above. Some are as much as $75, but I don't see much difference between the $30 versions and the ones for $75, so fine to go cheap on this item.Buy now on Amazon
Bumbo Seat and TrayBumbo0-1You won't need until about 3 months, but also a good registry item. Helps the baby sit before they can do so themselves. Seat and tray sold seperately.Consignment
(easy to find used ones very inexpensive & easy to wash)
Bumbo Seat:
Buy now on Amazon

Buy now on Amazon
Books0Books are so important to have, but don't buy them (unless you find them at a yardsale for 25 cents each) because you will get a bunch for gifts. If you don't then you can buy a few at that point.ConsignmentBuy now on Amazon
Infant Toys/Rattles0Great to have, but the same as books...don't buy because you will get a bunch as gifts. TJ Maxx / Marshalls
(buy new as they tend to go in the mouth and some hard to wash)
Buy now on Amazon
Sophie the Giraffe (teether)Vulli1This is a classic and made of natural rubber so great teething option. I suggest registering for it, it's a great shower gift.Buy now on Amazon


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