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Onesie Undershirts - Short SleeveCarter's8You will probably get these at your shower, so I suggest waiting. Carter's is better quality then Gerber.TJ Maxx / MarshallsBuy now on Amazon
Onesies Undershirts - Long SleeveCarter's4We use the short sleeve much more, so don't overbuy until you see if you use them. Carter's quality is better then Gerber.TJ Maxx / MarshallsBuy now on Amazon
SleepersHanna Andersson
Children's Place (footed)
6With Pjs there are 2 important questions: flame resistance and footed vs. non (read my pajamas blogConsignment
Buy now on Hanna Andersson
Outfits - Pants/Shirt, Dresses, BodysuitsMini Boden
KicKee Pants
Hanna Andersson
1-2If you don't know the gender hold off, if you do then really limit this to maybe 1-2 outfits. As a newborn they are mainly in sleepers and remember you will get tons of gifts once the baby is born.ConsignmentBuy now on Mini Boden
Going Home OutfitBaby Soy
Under the Nile (organic)
1Probably some form of footed sleeper, we went with a Under the Nile organic white footed sleeper that all of my kids have worn home from the hospital, but tons of options (esp if you know gender)Buy now on Amazon
SocksGap6Newborn socks are annoying b/c they never seem to stay on, I've found Gap socks to be the best (still not perfect). I suggest mainly sticking with white so they match everything and you can use for next child (regardless of gender). But, if you want some cute socks then Trumpette socks - adorable, just never stayed on my kids' feet.ConsignmentBuy now on Gap
HatsBabysoy2Babysoy fit great on newborns, are cute, and have great color them!Buy now on Amazon
Jacket/FleecePatagonia1You really don't need anything too bulky if you have the bundle me in your car seat (see travel & safety section). As for brand I love Patagonia fleeces, you can find one at a consignment shop for under $15ConsignmentBuy now on 6pm


1. Don’t buy too many items in ‘newborn’ size, it’s better to go with ‘3 month’ size.  They may be a little big at first, but they will last much longer.  You will be out of newborn size within a few weeks to a month (depending on your baby).

2. I was shocked at how many clothes we got right after our baby was born.  So really, really try to hold back and not buy too much (I know, so tempting because everything is so cute, but things add up quickly).  This is especially true if you don’t know the gender because once the baby comes you’re probably going to want to put him/her in more gender specific clothes.


– Side-Snap Undershirts – this would be as opposed to onesies, some people love these because they are easier to get on (don’t go over the head), but with infants I find they rid up, so I prefer the onesies

– Gowns – these are as they sound, like night-gowns but they go all the way past their feet (usually with an elastic or something at the bottom), we just found these frustrating to get on and not worth it, plus you can’t put them in a carseat in them – if you do want to try them then Babysoy brand reviews are very good and also cute

– No Scratch Mittens – these are mittens that you can put on their hands so they don’t scratch themselves with their nails, the problem is that they constantly fall off so a better option is just the long sleeve onesies with the cuffs that can fold over their hands (most have these)

– Snowsuit/bunting – if you have the ‘bundle me’ in your carseat (see travel & safety section) then you may not need one so I suggest holding off until after the baby is born and you see if you really need it

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