Newborn Gear List

You’re having a baby, congratulations!

Now, what the heck do you actually need before the baby comes?

When I was pregnant with my first I had no clue!  So I looked online and immediately felt like an idiot…’what the heck was a boppy or a bumbo?’  And the lists about what clothes are ‘essential’ were all created by clothing companies so I didn’t trust them.  Did I actually need 237 onesie or are they just saying that so that I buy more?  So I started doing research and created my own list of what I needed.  During this process I read a lot about organic products and their benefits, so I recorded what I found in case any friends or family were interested when they had kids.  So that’s where this list comes from.

As I’ve used the products over the years I’ve updated this list.  It certainly doesn’t include every item out there, it’s just my experience with the products that I’ve used.  These are my personal opinions and what has worked in my life, which may or may not be the same that works for you.

I’ve organized what I think are the essentials into the following categories:


Personal Care & Bathing


Travel & Safety




For Mom (postpartum)

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