Why Eco-Friendly Disposables Are Worth It

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Eco-friendly, more natural, disposable diapers are worth it because of the long term potential health risks that conventional disposables carry.

Conventional disposable diapers contain traces of dioxin, which is a toxic product of paper bleaching process.  It is carcinogenic and listed by the EPA as most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals.  For this reason, you want to look for disposable diapers that are 100% chlorine-free.   Conventional disposable diapers also contain tributyl-tin, a toxic pollutant known to cause hormonal problems.  Finally, they contain sodium polyacrylate, which is a type of super absorbant polymer (SAP), that causes toxic shock syndrome, banned in tampons in 1985.  Now, there is a difference as diapers are not entering the body like tampons, but still that doesn’t make me feel good about it.  I’ve read various articles about how all of these chemicals could be causing reproductive problems, especially in boys.  I don’t think anything is conclusive, but you can google this topic if you want to read more about it.

For the reasons listed above believe that eco-friendly, more natural disposable diapers are totally worth it!  Personally we use Earth’s Best because I like how they fit and they work great, but there are a bunch of different ones like Seventh Generation, Honest, etc.

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