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Hi, my name is Kori Stack, I’m 36 and have 4 children aged 4.5 and under.  For those interested, here is a little about my background.

I grew up in Storrs, CT, a small town, but know nationally as home to the UConn Huskies.  I graduated from E.O. Smith High School in 1995, went on to Lehigh University where I graduated in 1999.  From there, I started my professional career in the world of technology consulting at PwC and later Deloitte.  I did well and enjoyed what I was doing, but decided that I wanted to do something more meaningful so decided to become a High School Math teacher.  Arguably not the smartest financial decision, as I paid thousands of dollars to get my Masters in Math Education at DePaul University in Chicago only to literally cut my salary in half.  But I did love it and believe that it has forever made me a better parent (notice I’m speaking in the past tense)…yes, I only spent 4 years as a teacher, which was at Lane Tech College Prep (a selective enrollment school and part of the Chicago Public School system).  Lane Tech is over 100 years old and one of the biggest schools in the country with approximately 4,200 students all under one roof.  As well as teaching math I coached cross country and track, and loved it.

Lane will always hold a place in my heart!  During the 4 years I spent at Lane teaching and coaching a lot of big life moments happened…I got engaged during my 1st year, then married in my 3rd, and finally in my last year teaching we had our first child.  About 5 months after having our first child we made another big life change and moved to MA.  I always wanted to move back to New England, and we wanted a simpler, more basic life.  We decided about a year and a half before moving that that was the plan…the only question was where.  We researched all of the towns surrounding Boston and then visited them over that year and a half.  We fell in love with our town and decided to move in Sept 2010, so that’s what we did.  I had quit my job and my husband, in real estate, would basically be starting over.  So this was a big leap of faith as we were moving with no guaranteed income.  But we knew what we wanted for our family and that was the priority…the rest we would figure out.

It’s been 4 years since then and a lot has changed.  We’ve had 3 more kids and my husband made a career change to become an expert in workers’ compensation, which he really enjoys.  We couldn’t be happier with our life and family and that’s what we think is the most important part!


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