IMG_5062Welcome to Half Almond Milk, I’m Kori and this is a blog all about ‘my best attempt at raising organic kids economically’.  Half Almond Milk sums how I try to live my life and raise my kids because it’s all about doing the best you can at the things that are important to you.  You haven’t failed if you can’t buy every single organic product out there, or in this case if you try to cut out animal protein and replace it with other forms (like almond milk) but don’t do it 100%.  You have succeeded in providing not only a great quality of life for your kids, but also showing them that it’s important to work towards the things that are important to you.

Many may disagree, but I don’t believe everything has to be done 100% in order to count for something and be worthwhile (something I’ve learned as a parent).  For example, you don’t have to do pinterest quality art projects for your kids to appreciate them.  Half almond milk is just that, doing your best as a parent and not comparing yourself to others who may have different priorities then you.  Work on what is important to you!  For me two of those things are raising kids in as clean/organic, meaning non-toxic, environment as I can and doing it in an economical way because even if we did have all the money in the world why not save some?!

Parenting is hard and I certainly don’t claim to know it all, but what I do have is experience with infants and toddlers.  We just had our 4th, and final, baby at which point we had 4 kids all under 4.5!!  And yes, some people (ok, most people, including our supportive parents) think that we are completely nuts.  But we love our little family!  So I have buckets of hands on experience, because aside from Friday night date night, when we get a sitter for 2 hours, it’s all my husband and I.  So I created this blog to share the best of what I’ve found.

That being said, my ‘free’ time is limited and I am not a professional blogger, so I will write/update as often as I can, but please bare with me in the process.  Most importantly, please enjoy and I hope that something here can help!

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